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Welcome to Ammo Drop.

Ammo Drop is a new way to shop for your Airsoft goods from right here in the UK.


 The Ammo Drop concept is like nothing else being offered elsewhere in the UK airsoft market. Before creating Ammo Drop we spent hours talking to players about their buying habits. Players were always really pleased that their chosen retailer had given them a great discount, and most beleived this was some sort of mates discount. We call this as "Mates Rates". We looked at the prices that these retailers were charging and felt that far from being "Mates Rates" the retailers could still offer more to the players.  The more we researched, the more frustrated we became. Out of this frustration was born Ammo Drop. We decided not to offer Mates rates...we wanted GREAT RATES!

When you see something you want to buy- contact us. If you have seen an item elsewhere that is not listed then get in touch, We promise never to dropship or take money for orders we can not fulfill. We have no minimum order value, no inflated delivery costs, just a simple, no frills service offering excellent value.  We currently stock many well known brands such as ICS, WE, KWA, ASG, Enola Gaye and many more. We are a UK registered Company.


Why not get in touch for more details.

The Ammo Drop Team.

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VCRA restricitons apply to all RIF sales.