Acetech Bifrost Tracer Unit


    Acetech Bifrost Tracer Unit

    1. Bifrost simulates muzzle flash, with Multi-color flame effect.The effect of

    flame depends on volume of gas or fog around the muzzle, more

    volume makes better effect.

    2. Bifrost provides colored BBs track function which can be achieved by

    standard BBs with the built-in RGB Flame LED.

    3. Two tracer modes available - Standard/Sniper.

    4. 11 different modes available for Multi-color flame function.

    5. Intelligent power control: Blaster Module power on by shaking, enter

    sleep mode while idle for over 5 minutes.

    6. Suitable for standard airsoft and gel BBs.


    Diameter: 30mm


    Weight: 61g without adapter

    Thread: M14- / M14- to M11+

    Supports: Green Tracer BBs, Gell BBs

    RPS: Up to 35RPS

    Battery: Li-Poly Battery

    USB-C Charging

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