ACM 190rd VN style M16 magazine


    190rds Hi-cap. Fits 99% of all M4's

    M4 / M16 VN Short High cap The smaller capacity magazines for the M4/M16 series AEG. These hold approximately 190 BBs and are the high capacity style magazines with the winding wheel on the bottom. Features: - Metal outer casing - High capacity style magazine - Fits most brands of AEG - Reliable design - Colour: Black These high caps are great for changing up the look of your M16 or M4 series airsoft gun. Based on the original Vietnam era M16 magazines, they are a lot more slimline than the more modern magazines and suit 5.56mm based DMR builds very well. The steel sheet magazine case is very robust and the plastic internals are very reliable in terms of feeding BBs and holding tension. Each full wind should feed all 190 BBs consecutively give or take a few. They are not guaranteed to feed in every brand, but high cap magazines are usually universal.


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