Action Army (AAC) AAP-01C Short GBB Pistol in Black

    Action Army

    The AAP-01C is the little brother to the AAP-01 which is already a staple in the airsoft scene. Designed for accuracy, versatility as well as compactness, it is compatible with Glock-style magazines and features a G18 anti-freeze rubber to help with the full-auto capability. Its patented housing made with zinc alloy and loading nozzle (constructed with nylon fibre) adds a heavy sense of robustness as well as still being extremely nimble and lightweight while adding a futuristic look to the pistol. The 14mm threads on the outer barrel allow for your choice of tracer unit to be added while also boasting fibre optic iron sights to aid with shooting.


    • Build Material: Aluminium Alloy / Fibre reinforced polymer.
    • System: Gas Blowback
    • Fire Mode: Semi / Full Auto
    • Hop-Up: Adjustable
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