ASG Shotgun, Franchi SAS 12, flex-stock


    The most powerful of the sportline Franchi shotgun models – well over 1 joule and with the adjustable Hop-up this is a very accurate shotgun. The shotgun comes with a retractable flex-stock so it can be used in most gaming environments. This shotgun uses realistic shotgun shells that hold 30 BB’s.Incl.> Shells> Shell-holder> SpeedloaderLength:777/895mm/31,1/35,8inchBarrel length:350mm/14,0inchMag. Capacity:30 roundsStandard Mag.:15920Hop Up Type:AdjustableVelocity:109ms/358fpsWeight:1600gr/3,6lbEnergy:1,2 Joule

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