AirsoftPro Double lever Hop up chamber for VSR-10, Bar-10, CM.701, MB02,03. Gen2


    Second generation of the favourite VSR HopUp unit.  Provide full metal CNC construction for better durability. Better sealing. Hop up unit require to use AEG HopUp bucking (not included) and AEG HopUp barrel. This is advantage, because market offer full range of the various brand barrels and bucking so customer may choose based on needs.

    The chamber has a different BBs enter design. This makes it necessary to use a different cylinder head, but it is directly in the package. So you get not only chamber, but also a brand new stainless steel cylinder head ! Small bag in the package include three o-rings  and three pieces of the rubber rolls with the various diameter. User has to cut the piece according to his needs.

    Very interesting is HopUp adjustment. Chamber has not one, but two adjusting arms. Pressing roll is longer. Customer is able to adjust arms separately and affect BBs trajectory. Simply says, you can slightly adjust left and right rotation. Above all, second generation has third screw in the middle. It adjust both levers together. So customer can decide if adjust levers separately by screws on the sides or adjust both levers by one screw in the moddle.

    HopUp is adjustable from the magwell. Uswer has to remove magazine, pull back bolt and turn with the adjustable hex screws. One on the left for the left arm, one on the right for the right arm and central screw for both levers. Tightening lift lever and cause less rotation on this side.

    Specifications (red are improovements in the second generation)

    • CNC production of aluminum alloy 6061- T6 with red anodized finish .
    • Require to use standard AEG barrel.  (Original barrel cannot be used!)
    • Require to use standard AEG HopUp bucking.  (Original bucking cannot be used!)
    • Increased size of the internal O- ring  for maximum sealing and better durability.
    • Two metal pressure arms which allows side trajectory adjustment.
    • Centering ring for good axial of the barrel.    
    • Two rubber pads between chamber and cylinder head. This reduce barrel vibrations and improve accuracy.     
    • New double seal stainless steel cylinder head in the packing.
    • Adjusting by 1,5mm hex key in the packing.
    • Redesigned body, larger screws for barrel     mount.
    • Larger o-rings for main levers force.
    • Improoved BBs feeding.

    Chamber is compatible with these models:

    Chamber outer diameter is 26,5mm so it is not possible to fit it into Well MB07,09,10,11,12. Also not compatible with the Marui AWS or Well MB44xx series.

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