AirsoftPro Upgrade Piston & Spring guide for L96, M24, M99 etc


    Airsoft Pro Upgrade Set for L96/M24/M99 Sniper (inc M150 Spring) 2016 Version

    Durable and light upgrade set for manual sniper rifles. Package contain light 2015 hybrid piston , tempered spring and steel, 9mm steel spring guide with the bearing.

    Hybird Piston made of 3 kinds metal. Aluminium piston light body provides a great reduction for the weight, POM (polyacetal) ring in the middle provides minimum friction against the cylinder, and the Stainless steel rear part ensures excellent wear protection against the sear. Inner diameter is 13,3mm so you can use strong springs from our offer.  This new piston 2015 generation has two holes in the body. This save 4grams of the piston weight.


    Spring guide is made of two screwed parts with the thrust bearing in the middle.  The outer diameter is 9 mm and it is designed only for the upgrade springs.




    suitable for:


    Maruzen APS 2, EX

    Maruzen Type96

    Well MB01 (Warrior L96)

    Well MB04

    Well MB05

    Well MB06

    Well MB08

    Well MB13

    Maruzen Type 96

    SW (Snow Wolf) M24

    CA M24



    Piston is not suitable for Marui VSR / BAR 10 or Marui L96 rifles!


    Outer diameter: 19,4mm

    Total length: 116mm

    Weight: 37,6g

    Package include piston and spring guide.

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