Tokyo Marui Kel-Tec KSG Gas Shotgun.

    Tokyo Marui


    Tokyo Marui KSG Shotgun Replica

    A KSG shotgun replica by already a classic, Japanese Tokyo Marui will be quite a treat for every fan of CQB skirmishes (and not only!). The replica is equipped with three internal barrels, which allows it to fire depending on the setting: from 3 to 6 BBs at the same time (the switch is located under the barrel shroud)! 6 mm ammunition is loaded into a shells replica with a capacity of 30 BBs, which is then placed inside the bullet chamber located in the rear of the part of the replica. This result from the fact that the shotgun was designed in a Bullpup system, which provides uniquely compact construction, especially important during CQB scenarios, whilst retaining a long barrel. As in the original, the replica also features two bullet chambers, of which one introduces BBs into the barrel proper, whilst the other one is a magazine for two additional shells.

    Green Gas container is located in the stock in the form of retractable “magazine”. The system is very economic and efficient in usage - one gas load can last for around 70 shots! Intuitive operation is facilitated by the placement of the safety next to the trigger guard.

    The replica was manufactured almost entirely from durable polymer, with the exception of the external barrel, gas magazine and top RIS rail. Stock pad was made from hard rubber and its shape prevents it from sliding off the arm.

    Gas replicas by Tokyo Marui for many years have been known for their exceptional reliability and Japanese perfect craftsmanship of internal elements - this is a class in its own right.

    The replica is compatible with 30 BB shells from other manufacturers, including: GFC Guns and Double Eagle.

    The set includes:

    - replica

    - 30 BB shells

    - Green Gas container

    - manual


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