Ares Amoeba Striker AS-01 airsoft Sniper rifle BK


    Ares Amoeba Striker Sniper Rifle (Bolt Action - BK - AS01-BK)

    The Striker S1 is the latest release from Ares and is a single shot bolt action sniper rifle. The rifle is mainly constructed from a high quality polymer and continues the same high standards we have come to expect from Ares. The Striker is the ultimate sniper package for anyone who is looking to take up a sniper role or even for a more experienced sniper that is looking for a “ready out the box” package that has great upgrade potential and a heap of aftermarket accessories (also available from Ares). The striker comes with a custom 45 round magazine and features some great trademarks (including 338 win mag and the Ares logo). The striker features a interchangeable pistol grip as well as a cheek rest that can be swapped out with aftermarket upgrades (sold separately) so that you can really customise your rifle to fit you. The front of the weapon features a standard universal bipod swivel so that you can attach a Harris bipod or similar. The front of the barrel has a screw thread that can be removed so that the Striker Silencer can be attached. The body of the weapon can be stripped down by simply removing two pins (there are also two hex keys that fit the weapon stored in the pistol grip - you will never be without tools on the field again!). The striker is easily upgraded and takes most AEG springs – due to how easy the weapon is to take down you can swap the spring out in a matter of minutes so you can customise the weapons power on the fly to suit the field you are playing at on the day. We advise an M150 spring for optimal performance. 
        •  Sets the new Standard for Mid Range Sniper Rifle
        •  Short Bolt Pull
        •  Fluted Outer Barrel
        •  Front Universal Bipod Mount Point
        •  Interchangeable Grip System
        •  Ambidextrous Rear Sling Loop Plate can be switched from Left / Right
        •  19cm Fixed 20mm RIS / RAS Rail for Large Sights and Scopes
        •  Top-Down Hop-Up unit for precise setting
        •  Hop-Up unit adds range and Accuracy by Imparting Spin on the BB
        •  Adjustable Hop-Up unit for use with a range of Heavyweight BBs
        •  22mm Threaded Outer Barrel
        •  Cocked Warning Marker

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