Ares Amoeba Striker Sniper Rifle AS-02 OD (Green)


    Ares Amoeba Striker Sniper Rifle AS-02 OD (Green

    The Ares Striker AS02 is the sequel to the ever popular AS01 platform. Ares have made plenty of revisions in this version of that rifle. First and most noticeably they have used the short barrel design which we started producing a few years ago for the AS01. This is great because it matches the barrel length to the air available in the short stroke cylinder. They have also loosely adapted our ED1 sear design too which makes the sear system more reliable and has a much better feel to the standard AS01 design. Ares have not stopped there however. Your getting updated external parts which include the new receiver design and top rail along with a new M-Lok plastic handguard, butt pad design, charging handle and the extended cheek piece and grooved hand grip.

    So essentially for not much more than the AS01 your getting accessories already included as well as a short barrel system that you would normally have to pay much more for along with the new sear design too. The fact that Ares have listened to the community and kept an eye on upgrade parts that were coming available and included them in this new release is absolutely superb and not something that many other manufacturers would do. If there was ever a time to invest in the platform, that time is now.

    Available in multiple colours including Black, Dark Earth, Olive Drab and Urban Grey.


    AMOEBA "Striker" S2 Sniper Rifle
    G2 (Generation 2) Upper Receiver:
    - 90 Degree Sear
    - Full Lenght Top Rail
    - Shorter Mag Well
    - Screw-fixed Bolt Pin
    Butt Stock with Shoulder Rest


    Material: Nylon Fibre + CNC 6063
    Type: Spring Power
    Fire Mode: Bolt Action
    Hop-up: Adjustable
    Length: 855mm
    Weight: 2250g
    Magazine: 45Rds

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