Army Armament R501 Gas Blowback Pistol

    Army Armament

    The R501 is an outstanding replica no matter what the player. It’s a reliable (as well as extremely fun) blowback system housed in a fully metal construction with weight reduction making it still an extremely nibble and agile replica. Also, the R501 features a 28 round double stack magazine allowing for more shots to be put down range without reloading but if you do end up using all of the bb’s, the tactical magwell with enhanced grip will help to put you back in the fight a lot quicker than others. The Reinforced cold-resistant polymer nozzle provides better air seal for each shot making them more consistent and accurate. The also ambidextrous controls are perfect for left-handed shooters and can really make the difference between getting hit and surviving.


    • 28 round magazine
    • Ambidextrous controls
    • Laser-engraved serial number
    • Cold resistant Hop setup
    • Reinforced nozzle
    • Next gen magazine valves
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