ASG 7.4v 1300mAh Slim Stick long LiPo battery


    ASG 7.4v 1300mah Slim Stick battery.

    Suitable for Bren, EVO, AK ( where goes in top cover) and many others- WILL NOT FIT IN M4 BUFFER TUBE

    Despite its small size it still packs 1300mAh. It comes in a handy storage box. Fits into most types of stock tubes and it suited for some types of Airsoft rifles that has the battery compartment located in the upper receiver.

    The biggest reasons to use a Li-Po is its smaller size and better power efficiency. Most Li-Po batteries are about the same size as a mini-type battery and is equal in power to a large type NiMH battery. No need for battery slings, battery boxes, or big batteries strapped on to guns. Li-Po is a power source for small carbines, PDW's, SMG's, etc. that doesn't require you to spoil the look of the gun, or run the risk of running out of power in the middle of a battle.
    Unlike traditional batteries, Li-Po gives a stable Rate of Fire, Through-out its use. Also, it is not necessary to discharge Li-Po batteries before charging them, allowing the battery to be charged in-between games.

    Battery specs:
    •Configuration: one block.
    •Voltage: 7.4V.
    •Capacity: 1300mAh.
    •25C Continuous discharge rate of 32.5 amps with 39 amp bursts.
    •Comes with align balance connector.
    •This pack is ideal for M90 to M120 upgrades.
    •Replaces a 8.4V to 9.6V NiMH pack.
    •Ultra-advanced Li-Po battery technology.

    To prolong the life of a Li-Po battery:
    Never completely discharge the battery.
    Stop using the battery the moment you hear the Rate of Fire goes down.
    Charge the battery before storage.
    IMPORTANT: you must use a Li-Po charger, no exceptions.

    When using Li-Po batteries in upgraded AEG's, it is advisable to have a total upgrade, including spring, cylinder-parts, gears and motor. Simply installing a more powerful spring, and then using a high voltage battery to power the AEG will wreck one or more components in your gearbox.
    ULTIMATE motors are designed specifically to power, upgraded AEG's, and are built to handle higher voltage


    Only use approved LI-PO chargers – Do not pierce or disassemble the battery – Charging current should not be more than 1.0C. Charging with higher current may damage cell or even lead to overheating or leakage – Stop charging immediately when temperature is over 45°C – Stop using battery when temperature is over 60°C. Do not leave the battery charging unattended

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