ASG Armalite M15 operator AEG

    Introducing a new series of great valued airsoft guns with authentic Armalite markings, and in a variety of configurations to provide the players with more options in regards to looks and functionality. Each rifle comes with a Mosfet unit installed in the stock. Due to the much lower electrical resistance in a Mosfet, it delivers a faster trigger response, higher Rate of Fire and elimination of switch burnouts.All models come with a 5 position SopMod stock with removable shoulder plate for quick access to the battery compartment. The sleek looking high-cap magazine is constructed from durable polymer in a contemporary design.

    The expert eye will notice that the new Armalite series offers three different upper receiver designs, one in metal and two in fiber-reinforced nylon as well as four different front guards. This results in four different configurations in either all black or black with desert tan fixtures, for a total of seven models to choose from.This is the operator version, it combines the heavy-duty designed receiver in fiber-reinforced nylon with a short rail for an ideal close quarter carbine.

    Color: Black


    Built in Mosfet.

    Oversized sling plate.

    300 rd. Hi-cap polymer magazine.

    Collapsible 5 position stock.

    Removable folding front and rear sights.

    Fully licensed by ArmaLite.

    Length:650-730mm/inchMag. Capacity:300 roundsStandard Mag.:18487Hop Up Type:AdjustableVelocity:100ms/328fpsWeight:2480gr/lbEnergy:1 Joule

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