ASG Special Teams Carbine (KJ Works KC-02)


    This Proline Airsoft Carbine features a semi-auto gas blow-back system with realistic action that closely mimics that of a real weapon. A sturdy construction providing a satisfying experience during handling and shooting. Optional CO2 magazine for more power. A full length top rail allows mounting of any type of aiming device, detachable front and rear flip-up sights with fiber optic illumination are included. Side and bottom rails for attaching tactical equipment, making it a perfectly usable gun for skirmishes and CQB.  

    • Features:LMT generation II collapsible stock
    • 14mm counterclockwise thread for mounting silencer or flash-hider.
    • Integrated quad rail.Rails covers included.
    • Easy accessible hop-up
    • Detachable flip-up sights with fiber optic illumination
    • M4 style handle. 
    •  Accessories:Short gas mag 17245.Long gas mag 17246.Long CO2 mag 17247.  
    • This is inspired by the compact carbines carried by police and swat, to provide long range accuracy and more powerful shots, while using a pistol cartridge to prevent over-penetration in urban environments. When the Bad guys get heavier weapons, so must law enforcement agencies follow suit, while still maintaining public safety.
    • Length:782-863mm/31,3-34,6inchMag. 
    • Capacity:22 roundsStandard Mag.:17245
    • Hop Up Type:Adjustable
    • Velocity:130ms/427fps
    • Weight:2625gr/5,8lb
    • Energy:1,7 Joule
    Availability:In Stock