ASG Strike Systems Assault MXR18


    ASG Assault MXR18

    The Strike System MXR18 Assault is a longer version of the MX/MT models. The rifles aggressive look makes it stand out on the battlefield and a beast during intense firefights. Featuring a polymer body, polymer rail/keymod handguard and a metal outer barrel. The new Strike System rifle is a value pack, which includes a battery and charger - the perfect entry level rifle to new players.

    The MXR18 comes out of the box with a MOSFET unit, which improves trigger response and makes battery usage more optimal. This all translate into the rifle being more durable over time.

    The most notable thing about the MXR18 Assault is the keymod handguard. Very similar to the ‘wire cutter’ design, the handguard features more accessory rails at the 12 and 6 o’clock that one could imagine.
    With the Keymod sections at the 3 and 9 o’clock position, you have unlimited access to tactical accessories and parts. The monolithic section merges seamlessly with the upper receiver, giving the player even more real estate to add accessories and adds a more stable platform.

    Out of box the MXR18 Assault comes with a 'SOPMOD' style Crane stock. The stock has a textured section for better non-slip cheek resting. The compartment located in the back of the stock is easily accessible and can store different sorts of battery sizes to accommodate most players choice in batteries. The stock is adjustable and easy to use.

    The ergonomic pistol grip is designed to promote comfort during long usage. The textured grip maintains the players control of the MXR18 during wet operations and prolonged firefights.

    The MXR18 comes with both front and rear Polymer flip-up sights that feature fiber optics for fast and easy target acquisition during low light operations as well as daytime. Easy to deploy, the flip-up sights acts as back-up sights if the players Red dot or scope should fail during the heat of battle. The sights are adjustable.

    The rail handguard features picatinny rails at the 12, 3, 6, 9 o’clock position, giving the player unlimited possibilities to attach tactical accessories such as lights, lasers, grenade launchers etc.

    Included with the rifle is a 300rd polymer hicap magazine. The polymer construction keeps the magazine lightweight, allowing the player to carry more magazines onto the battlefield without unwanted weight.

    • Adjustable hop-up
    • Battery and Charger included
    • MOSFET unit
    • Polymer lightweight body
    • ‘SOPMOD’ style Crane stock
    • Flip-up sights
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