ASG ULTIMATE Gear set, helical, ultra torque up, 110-170 m/s


    Ultimate Upgrade Series gear set with ultra torque up gear ratio of 26:1 for 110-170 m/s springs.

    A low gear-ratio gives a lower rate of fire and helps to reduce stress on the motor, and produces less impact-energy on first-contact with the piston, prolonging life of both.Engineered for highest performance.Smoother and quieter operation.Reduced stress on the motor.Less impact energy on piston.Materials of the highest quality.The teeth on helical gears are cut at an angle to the face of the gear. When two teeth on a helical gear system engage, the contact starts at one end of the tooth and gradually spreads as the gears rotate, until the two teeth are in full engagement.This gradual engagement makes helical gears operate much more smoothly and quietly than spur gears.Most be used with appropriate Ultimate upgraded internal components to secure the best performance and durability.

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