ASG ULTIMATE Motor, INFINITY U-40000 (40K) high Speed, short axle


    This motor is a short axle, high speed/ low torque motor (HS/LT).

    Suited for between M100 and M110 springs, with appropriate gears.The new high-performance motors in the Ultimate Upgrade Series all have hand-coiled and equalised rotors that ensures optimal performance. The motors build on the latest patented technology, requiring less maintenance, longer life span and not least higher performance – abilities vital to the professional gamer and the conscientious Airsoft enthusiast.Features:Anti oil-absorbing functionMotor stabilizerSuperior Heat emissionPolymer back coverUnsurpassed DurabilityInternal ball bearing support.Super Magnets for repeated and perfect performance.Oversize carbon brushes for long life performance.Steel pinion gear hardened to 50-55 HRC  Multiple stress tests shows that INFINITY high performance motors ranks second to none.

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