ASG Ultrair HPA tank 0.22litre (13ci) Aluminium


    13ci Air Bottle by ASG

    Inc 850psi output regulator.

    Affordable all aluminum HPA tank. This compact high quality HPA system feature a lightweight all aluminum tank and regulator with pressure gauge. Ideal for a tight and maneuverable HPA set-up.

    All HPA tanks should be pressure tested every five years for safety.

    • Lightweight TüV certified aluminum cylinder
    • Standard 3000 PSI fill capacity
    • Reliable regulator with pressure gauge
    • Both high and low pressure rupture disks installed for the highest level of safety


    Capacity: 0.2 L

    Max Pressure: 3000PSI

    Output Pressure: 850PSI

    Dimensions: 255mm H x 50mm Diam.

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