Cyma M14 SOCOM Olive Drab (CM.032A)


    CM032A rifle replica - olive

    CM032A replica origines from the shortest version od a firearm version, named "SOCOM". Very compact and greatly fitted construction also impresses with its weight - over 3kg!. Replica was manufactured from ZnAl, polymer and steel. Body and upper barrel cover were made from ploymer. All other elements were made from metal, magazine, trigger cover and front sling hook  - from steel. 

    Replica is also equipped with upper 22mm RIS rail making it able to equip it with any optic sights. CM032A have a comfortable safety lock placed next to the trigger guard, thumb operated firing mode switch and a set of adjustable iron sights. Battery is placed into replica's stock.

    The same as in the other CM032 family replicas, we can find a very well reproduced dummy slide set which maked that reloading is accompanied with nice and realisitc sound.

    Replica is powered by a v.7 gearbox using steel, 6mm plain bearings, allowing semi and full-auto fire modes.

    400 BB's steel hi-cap magaine is added to the replica.

    Set includes:

    - replica

    - magazine

    - ramrod

    - sling

    - magazine key

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