Double Bell G34 Baba Yaga GBB Pistol with Hard Case.

    Double Bell

    The Double Bell G34 Baba Yaga Gas Blowback Pistol, an exceptional homage to the iconic Glock 34 pistol featured in the John Wick films. This airsoft replica captures the essence of the Baba Yaga, offering an airsoft experience akin to the legendary movie series.

    In terms of construction, the G34 Baba Yaga has a metal slide and barrel complemented by a robust polymer frame, ensuring both durability and authenticity. The pistol is designed to utilize Glock 17-sized magazines (ensuring compatibility with other players), complete with an extension included and pre-fitted to the magazine to add to its ergonomics. This feature enhances magazine capacity while maintaining the pistol's sleek and compact design.

    The pistol operates on a gas blowback system for added realism, a double-stack magazine for a capacity of 24 rounds, and an adjustable hop-up system for optimizing and perfecting accuracy. Powered by green gas, the Baba Yaga is a reliable and high-performance sidearm suitable for any airsoft or movie enthusiast. In the box, you'll find the G34 Baba Yaga pistol along with a gas magazine, providing everything you need to channel your inner John Wick on the field.


    • Power- 325fps
    • Length – 22.8cm
    • Weight – 0.874kg
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