Double Bell SCAR-H BY-805 AEG Black

    Double Bell

    The SCAR-H by Double Bell, the latest model from the esteemed BY Series. This airsoft rifle shows a robust construction, featuring CNC-processed aluminium Upper Receiver and durable nylon fibre for the Lower Receiver, stock, and pistol grip — mirroring real steal production standards.

    Designed for adaptability, the replica comes equipped with a three-step collapsible stock, perfect for housing batteries and portability. The stock's folding capability significantly improves manoeuvrability in close-quarters combat. Moreover, the replica replicates ambidextrous controls with its Magazine Catch, enabling magazine release from both sides of the rifle, along with a versatile fire mode selector accessible from either side.

    Under the hood, a gearbox with a quick spring change system ensures optimal performance. Key components include a reinforced piston head, 7mm steel bearings, an M125 spring, and a spring guide with bearings for smoother spring operation. The gearbox is also easily accessible therefore allowing for upgrades and repairs down the line easily.


    • Power: 350fps
    • Length: 86cm
    • Weight: 3.1Kg
    • Threads: 14ccw
    • Magazine: 300rnd hi-cap
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