Double Eagle M56C Tri-shot shotgun

    Double Eagle

    Double Eagle is proud to introduce their modern Triple Shot M56C Airsoft Shotgun. The M56C shoots 3 BBs at a time making it a height effective weapon. It also has an adjustable Tactical Skeleton Stock that permits for optimum weapon retention and is good for players of all sizes. This shotgun is a full scale replica of what many SWAT and tactical teams use in real life. This gun shoots 290 feet per second and shoots 3 bbs at one time ensuring you hit your target each time you shoot. Includes: DOUBLE EAGLE M56C SPRING ACTION TRISHOT 3 BURST SHOTGUN Collapsible Stock, Shell Magazine Airsoft Gun Shell Cartridge Holds 30 rounds. (Shells are Tokyo Marui Compatible) Tactical Sling Speed Loader Specifications:  290 FPS with .20g Full Size: 1:1 Scale 31 Inches Long Manufacturer: Double Eagle Brand: Double Eagle Triple Shot Action, 30 Rounds Per Shell Heavy Weight, Fabricated from Strong ABS Full Size 1:1 Scale Adjustable Stock, Hop Up

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