WE G-Series G17/18 25rnd Magazine - Black


    G-Series G17/18 25rnd Magazine for WE Glock styles of pistol. 

     A magazine designed for use in the WE's G-Series of pistols. Each magazine is of a full metal construction and holds up to 25 rounds. The magazine is filled from either the Top or Front using an Airsoft Speed Loader once the BB Guide has been pulled to the Bottom of the Magazine. The magazine is gassed by a bottom fill valve using any standard Airsoft Green Gas Bottle. The bottom Base Plate is removable for easier access, and can be replaced should the magazine be dropped and it become damaged. This is the perfect pistol for any Airsoft Skirmisher who owns a G-Series Pistol, and needs more rounds before having to stop to re-fill. 

    For G-Series Pistol 

    25rnd capacity

    Metal construction

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