Gate Merf 3.2 Plug in Mosfet


    The MERF 3.2 is multifunction programmable 3rd generation MOSFET. Features include a 3 Round Burst Mode and lossless rate of fire adjustment.

    It protects Li-Po and Li-Fe batteries, has active braking and protects the contacts from damage. The Smart Trigger function enables a faster trigger response. Thanks to two operating modes, the system works with both the original and modified AEG installation. Designed for all AEGs, especially upgraded, it has been adapted to work even with the most powerful springs, including M170.


    Using a MOSFET routes power directly from the battery to the motor, bypassing the mechanical trigger contacts. As a result, you gain a higher rate of fire of the rifle and a faster trigger response, and the contacts are protected against burn out.

    Active Braking

    Active braking ensures each cycle finishes with the spring fully decompressed, eliminating unnecessary stress, increasing the service life of the gearbox and it's parts.

    Electronic Fuse

    To prevent catastrophic failure the unit incorporates thermal protection with a time-lag fuse.

    Battery Protection

    Protection against Over-Discharge of the Battery. Modern LiPo and LiFe batteries are very sensitive to over-discharge. If you do not want to damage the battery and you care about its service life, this protection is indispensable. The microprocessor monitors the battery voltage constantly. When the voltage drops down to a critical level, the Controller will not allow firing.


    Fully compatible with micro-switches, this MOSFET is resistant to contact bounce/vibration, enabling higher ROF, faster trigger response and less overheating.

    3rd Generation MOSFET

    Modern transistors and microcontrollers make this one of the smallest and most reliable AEG Controllers on the market

    Rate of Fire Control

    This ensures there is no loss of the rifle’s rate of fire, so you can use stronger LiPo batteries, and still have ROF just like a real gun.

    Smart Trigger

    The Smart Trigger sets the ROF control to 100% during the first shot and then switches to the previously programmed value allowing a faster trigger response even with a reduced rate of fire. The best results can be achieved by using a battery with a higher than standard voltage. For example, if you use a 7.4V battery, you can replace it with 11.1V. In this way, you will achieve a faster trigger response with the same rate of fire as with a standard battery. The Smart Trigger is most effective when the Burst time is set at 3 rounds.

    3 Round Burst

    Burst mode enables you to make a series of 3 shots. Helping you save ammunition and increase realism. You can change AUTO mode to BURST mode or SEMI* mode to BURST mode.

    If in SAFE/SEMI/BURST mode you release the trigger earlier, you can make one or two shots. The burst time is set in the menu with accuracy to 4ms. The processor actively compensates for the change in burst time with a decrease in the rate of fire due to battery discharging.

    *SEMI to BURST in enhanced mode only

    Configurable Fire Selector

    The function gives you the option to program your fire selector. There are five modes:

    • Stock Wiring: SEMI/AUTO
    • Stock Wiring: SEMI/BURST
    • Modified Wiring: SEMI/AUTO
    • Modified Wiring: SEMI/BURST
    • Modified Wiring: BURST/AUTO

    Operating Modes

    You can connect the system to a rifle in two ways. Depending on the selected method, you should set a proper operating mode: Plug&Play or Enhanced

    • Plug&Play: simply connect the system between the battery and the rifle.
    • Enhanced Mode: requires modification of AEG installation. Connect the MERF 3.2 to the trigger contacts using the included signal wire.


    • Compatible with 3.2V - 15V batteries
    • Compatible with high power AEGs
    • Simple installation
    • Very low current consumption in stand-by (0.15mA)
    • Very low resistance ~2,4mΩ
    • Compatible with all types of gearbox
    • 4 LED Display
    • DEANS-T Connectors

    Box Contents

    • MERF 3.2
    • Additional kit of Deans-T Connectors
    • Single signal wire for trigger contacts
    • Double signal wire for trigger contacts
    • Programming button


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