G&G CM16 300BOT - Black


    CM16 300BOT 

    CM16 M4 300 BOT with MOSFET AEG G&G

    This new evolution of popular Combat Machine series offers more value for money than ever before! It comes with a MOSFET and electronic trigger switch for reliability and fast trigger response while the front RIS system is a metal one as opposed to other CM series models.

    Type: AEG Gearbox: Metal Gearbox 8mm Bearings 

    Mosfet: Yes 

    Electronic Trigger Switch 

    Velocity: 300FPS w/.20g BBs 

    Receiver: Polymer 

    Motor: 1800rpm Normal Torque 

    Inner Barrel: Aluminum 6.08mm inner diameter 205mm length 

    Hop Up: once piece plastic hop up chamber 

    Blowback: No 

    Spring Guide: Bearing Spring Guide 

    Weight: 4.8lbs Length: 750mm 

    Package Includes: 1x G&G CM16 300BOT M4 Airsoft Rifle Battery & Charger not included

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