G&G CM16 LMG Stealth


    Introducing the G&G CM16 LMG Stealth Airsoft Replica - a game-changer for tactical enthusiasts seeking stealth and power.

    The CM16 LMG Stealth showcases a sleek and stealthy aesthetic, ensuring you can move undetected and strike with precision and a large amount of bb’s! However, even if you don’t want to hurdle hundreds of rounds at the enemy, the semi auto feature allows you to take precise shots just as if it was a rifle.

    The construction of this replica is fantastic! The high-quality polymer makes the build feel extremely sturdy while keeping it very light and manoeuvrable for whatever the mission requires. The various segments of rails all over the LMG boast customizability. Whether it be PEQ boxes, red dots or torches, you can do whatever you want with this replica and completely make it your own as well as including a bipod foregrip for increased sturdiness. The 6.04mm inner barrel diameter makes the weapon unbelievably accurate allowing you to lay down cover fire for your team effectively as well as precisely.


    • Length: 823mm
    • Weight: 4135g
    • Power: 330fps (0.2g)
    • Magazine capacity: 2500rnds
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