G&G CM16 Wild hog 9"


    Complete with ETU. Programmable Trigger. 

    CM16 Wild Hog 9" assault rifle replica by G&G made as a part of the Combat Machine project whose aim is to deliver high quality replicas at a price that may be considered economic. Combat Machine replicas are characteristic for their highest, distinctive of G&G products craftsmanship, reliability and high quality of materials used. The main factor that allows to reduce the price is the use of a receiver made from a high quality polymer instead of metal. It is also important to note that the receiver was made from a fibreglass reinforced polymer - as was the pistol grip, the stock and almost all other polymer elements. Metal parts on the other hand include: the outer barrel, stock slide, latches and majority of small elements.

    The replica also features a GOS type telescopic stock with an integrated compartment and QD tactical sling swivels. The stock is adjustable, which allows for customization of the replicas length to the body type and preferences of the user. The set includes a kit of iron sights with a flip-up aperture sight.

    CM16 Assault Rifle Replica Wild Hog 9" features a RIS 22 mm mounting rail on the top of the receiver and handguard. Keymod accessory rails allow to mount a wide array of additional attachments on the replica, starting with optical sights, through grips and tactical lighting and ending up with laser sights. Space intended for a battery is located inside the stock.

    The replica comes with a polymer Hi-Cap magazine with a capacity of up to around 300 BBs.

    Weight (g)2325
    Fire ModesSemi/Full-Auto/3-Round burst
    Barrel Length (mm)205
    Barrel Bore (mm)6.08
    RailsCNC Hard-Anodizing
    Approx. FPSUK regulation
    Compatible MagazinesG-08-083
    Compatible Batteries / Gas11.1V Lipo with 25C below

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