G&G Combat Machine ARP-9 (ARP9) Airsoft SMG


    The G&G ARP9 is a unique and exciting entry into the CQB M4 style rifle AEG category. Extremely compact and lightweight, from afar the ARP9 resembles a traditional M4 type rifle, but when one gets closer, they realize the ARP9 is a completely different beast. Based off of the G&G CM16 series of AEGs the ARP9 retains all of the features favoured by players but in a unique 9mm style carbine. Using the traditionally solid G&G gearbox, paired with their inline MOSFET, the ARP9 puts out all of the same performance of a CM16 M4, but in a compact and unique package. 

    Includes 300rd Magazine.

    Weight (g)2000
    Fire ModesSemi/Full-Auto
    Barrel Length (mm)128
    Barrel Bore (mm)6.08
    RailsCNC Hard-Anodizing
    Approx. FPSUK regulation
    Compatible MagazinesG-08-158/G-08-158-1/G-08-159/G-08-164/G-08-169
    Compatible Batteries / Gas11.1V Li-po with 25C below

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