G&G GTP9 Gas Blow back Airsoft Pistol - Black


    The G&G GTP 9 is a sleek and practical airsoft pistol designed to deliver outstanding performance. Boasting a lightweight polymer frame, this pistol is perfect for gas efficiency and reliability, even in colder conditions.

    This GTP 9 features innovative external hop-up adjustment, enabling you to fine-tune your shots on the go whether that be a sudden increase in bb weight or wind. The extended slide release and ambidextrous magazine release make it easy to use, making it a versatile choice for any airsoft enthusiasts. Additionally, the threaded outer barrel allows for customization with suppressors or tracer units.

    The G&G GTP 9 -is designed for those who demand a reliable and agile sidearm. Its ergonomic design and compatibility with green gas make it a suitable choice for all-season play. The lightweight build ensures it won't slow you down while delivering impressive power, for a dependable sidearm.


    • Power – 328fps
    • Length – 21.6cm
    • Weight – 0.755kg

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