G&G SMC-9 Gas blowback SMG


    Introducing the G&G SMC-9, a game-changing Gas Blowback Airsoft gun that redefines the CQB Gas blow-back experience. While it's main roots in the G&G GTP-9 gas blowback pistol, the SMC-9 takes things to a whole new level with its custom upper receiver and brace. If you're a CQB enthusiast, you're in for a treat with this absolute close-quarters monster.

    The SMC-9 offers a diverse set of features designed to elevate your gameplay. The ambidextrous design allows for the magazine release, slide release, sling loop, and non-reciprocating charging handle to be used by both left-handed and right-handed users. To ensure a secure grip, it boasts a textured pistol grip, and the interchangeable Grip Back Strap accommodates different hand sizes. With an 11-inch M-LOK rail offering multiple attachment for grips, lasers, and many others, while also keeping the body of the replica slim and ergonomic for better handling the close quarters scenarios.

    G&G's attention to detail even on the inside is evident in the advanced next-generation nozzle system and frost-resistant ceramic materials, ensuring reliability even in extremely cold weather conditions. The adjustable hop-up system, with a 120-click adjustment unit, enhances your accuracy and range as well as enabling you to use heavier bb’s for more accurate shots. The SMC-9 features a folding stock further addi0ng to the CBQ friendliness of the replica. This airsoft gun is a powerhouse in CQB scenarios, providing the kick, noise, and performance to make you thoroughly enjoy every shot.


    • Power – 340fps
    • Length – 42cm (collapsed)
    • Weight – 1.55kg
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