GHK G5 Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle


    Latest version GHK G5 gas blowback carbine.  

    Extendable stock so it fits rather nicely in the shoulder.  One thing for sure is that it has a lot of recoil and it is loud.  The 40 round magazines are solidly made and GHK have the better idea of placing the fill valve high up on the shell rather than on the bottom which is a guaranteed place to collect dirt. 

    System - gas blowback open bolt, semi/full automatic, Green Gas

    Hop up – adjustable

    Build Material – Polymer body

    Magazine Capacity – 40 rd

    Length – 455mm / 680mm (stock extended)

    Weight – 2030g

    Muzzle velocity – 280/330FPS Gas & weather dependant

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