ICS L85 A2 (SA80)


    The ICS L85 A2 Assault Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun SA80, an extremely accurate and realistic replica of the iconic British Military rifle. This AEG has extreme durability due to its metal construction, ensuring reliability knowing that the LA5 won’t break. With its instant releasable handguard, upper and lower components, the ICS L85 A2 offers extreme ease of maintenance and customization, allowing you to adapt quickly to changing tactical situations.

    One of the standout features of the L85 A2 is its electric trigger brake, which cuts power when the upper and lower components are released. This one of kind a design prioritises safety and ensures control over the rifle's operation and care. Additionally, the rifle comes equipped with  an adjustable gearbox spring strength, providing you, the users, with the flexibility to fine-tune their performance to suit you preferences.

    ICS replicates the production process of the real L85 (used by the British military), employing stamping steel and welding techniques to achieve an authentic look and feel. The rifle's hop-up adjustment features a crosshead design for easy adjustment with a screwdriver, further enhancing its user-friendly design. Complete with two 450-round metal magazines, loading and cleaning rods, and a manual, the ICS L85 A2 is ready to dominate the battlefield.


    • Power – 320fps
    • Length – 78.5cm
    • Weight – 3.65kg
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