JG 3000 LK58 (SA58) Airsoft Electric Blowback Carbine

    JG Works

    JG3000 carbine replica

    A replica of one of the versions of the legendary assault rifle which was issued by the majority of the NATO countries during the Cold War period.  Made with high precision and attention to detail by the JG company – it is an interesting alternative for the shooters who are bored with the replicas of the weapons which are the standard issue of the American or Russian army. The materials used in the production process and the proper fitting of the elements make that the replica is free of lose spots and the whole construction is solid and firm.

    The replica’s body and the RIS rail allowing to attach to it optical aiming devices and also the outer barrel and a part of the minor elements are made of metal.  Just like in the original weapon, the stock, the pistol grip and the front grip were made of durable plastic and many of the minor elements were made of steel.

    The replica is equipped with a functional bolt carrier and a functional bolt catch lever. After catching the bolt in the backward position it is blocked and allows to adjust the Hop-Up system.

    The replica is equipped with an electric blow-back system what significantly increases the realism and the pleasure of its use.

       The set includes:

    -the replica,

    -a magazine,

    -a battery,

    -a charger,

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