JG 1101 RK-74 Machine Gun Replica. Wood & Metal.

    JG Works

    JG1101 RK-74 machinegun replica

    The machinegun replica is made by the JG company is made almost fully of steel. The replica’s body, the magazine, the flash-hider, the bolt cover, the gas pipe, the bipod, the outer barrel, the body’s base, the cleaning rod and the trigger guard were made of metal. The stock, the front grip and the pistol grip were made of wood.

    In combination with the properly chosen and fitted wooden elements they create and aesthetic durable and rather heavy replica of the machinegun.

    The replica is equipped with a plastic made Hop-Up chamber. It uses a very durable V.3 gearbox what is typical for the AK replicas.

    The foldable steel bipod, the hi-cap type magazine, the almost 600mm long outer barrel and the great durability make that the JG company’s replica is perfect to be a support weapon.


    The set includes:

    - the replica,

    - the battery,

    - a magazine,

    - a charger

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