JG JG100 A3 Rifle Replica (G3, T3-K3)

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        JG100 replica

    The replica is made of metal and ABS plastic and is made by the JG company. The inner barrel, the iron aiming sights, the magazine and the trigger are made of metal while as the body, the stock and the pistol grip are made of durable ABS plastic. This combination which is also commonly practiced by the well known Tokyo Marui company allowed to gain by the replica significant durability and, at the same time, keeping a rather not big weight.

    The long inner barrel is ended with a 14mm counter-clockwise thread what allows to mount almost any king of sound suppressor.

     As it befits the JG company, the reinforced inner elements are made very solidly and the parts that can be found inside are: a directional pistol head and steel thread-wheels with four anti-reversal levers.

    The set includes:

    The JG100  replica,

    A hi-cap type magazine

    A  1500 mAh 8.4V battery,

    A charger,

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