JG Works AK74U Full metal Rifle

    JG Works

    This is the black metal bodied variant of the AK74U from JG. (Jing Gong)

    Featuring full metal body and gearbox, with polymer folding stock, this is significantly more robust than the lighter models.

    • Weight: 3140g
    • Length: 710mm folded, 945mm unfolded
    • Metal gearbox & receiver
    • Magazine Capacity: 350 Rounds
    • Velocity: 330~360FPS approx
    • Barrel length: 455mm
    • Outer barrel: 408.6mm
    • Fire modes: safe, single + full auto
    • Fire Rate: 700-850r/min
    • Battery Recommended: 8.4V-1100mAh or 7.4v Li-po Long stick.
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