King Arms 2.5" Python 357 Airsoft revolver

    King Arms

    King Arms 2.5” Python 357 (Gas version) - Black

    King Arms 2.5” Python 357 (Gas version) - Black
    This Gas Airsoft Revolver is full metal construction by King Arms. The Gas powered airsoft pistol is using green gas as a propellant. It shoots hard and fast and is extremely lifelike.

    Main assembly:

    • Japanese experienced engineer re-designed the internal gas flow mechanism to make the revolver’s outlook much more realistic. The whole revolver is constructed by metal, it gives a very concrete and rigid feels. The revolver goes through an EDP (Electro Deposit Primer coating) process providing better surface finishing. 1:1 scale construction let the revolver more realistic
    • Outer & Inner Barrel: Rifled-alike barrel makes the revolver more realistic. Smooth and precise brass internal barrel in 6.05mm inner diameter. Fixed hop-up inside makes the shooting trajectory constantly precise.
    • Grip: The ergonomic, wood-textured grip offers the operator maximum comfort and control over the pistol. An eye-catching golden plate decorating the grip.
    • Cylinder: The metal cylinder can be opened easily in order to reload bullets quickly, just a flick to snap back it into the frame with a solid click. Bullets can be removed fast by pushing the bullets extractor rod.   
    • Hammer: Metal hammer gives an assured strike on the gas outlet valve. Compliable to operate under single-action.
    • Sights: The metal fixed front sight and adjustable rear sight helps shooter acquire the target quickly.
    • Safety: Easy to reach safety button lockup the hammer to avoid accidental fire while not ready to shoot.
    • Bullets and Loader: Heavy brass-like finishing shells with high compression rubber bb retainers. The package comes with shell speed loaders for fast reloads, and 6 BB bullets shells.
    • Other Details: Available in three different barrel lengths to suit your preference.
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