King Arms M4 TWS M-LOK Carbine Ultra Grade II

    King Arms

    King Arms M4 TWS M-LOK Rifle Ultra Grade II - Black

    King Arms M4 TWS M-LOK Rifle Ultra Grade II Black Overview The M4 TWS M-LOK Rifle is the ultimate rail system in real firearms. Airsoft gun manufacturer King Arms have carefully designed the M-LOK based on its specification and approval from MAGPUL for its design. This one piece CNC machined metal M-LOK handguard is capable of providing a solid rail platform that’s heavily customisable for its user. It comes with a four-sided mounting platform, allowing the airsoft user to add varies bolt-on accessories. King Arms has designed the ultimate airsoft rifle. The M4 enhanced carbine modstock is specifically designed to mimic the same size as real stock. It also has six adjustable positions to suit your arm length, giving you full control on its handling, overall comfort and reliability. Browse King Arms weapons. The M4 TWS M-LOK Rifle is a lightweight airsoft gun that doesn’t comprise its durability or reliability because of the design experts at King Arms. Complete with a durable nylon fibre training weapon system integrated receiver, the rifle maintains a rigid structure whilst reducing its weight. King Arms has created this airsoft M-LOK rifle to not only look and feel great but to offer its user enhanced accuracy. The nylon fibre polymer front and rear sight are rail mounting and able to flip-up. With adjustable aiming pins and a range finder hole, you can hit your target no matter what the distance. King Arms M4 TWS M-LOK Rifle Ultra Grade II Black Key Features Safe, single and fully-auto firing modes. Hop-up bucking design adjustable AEG type. TWS mid-cap magazine stores up to 140 rounds 6mm bullets. Beautifully crafted grip for full control. Two detachable sling swivel mounting points to cater to the user carrying habits. Wide cheek weld to aim quickly. Six adjustable positions to cater to user arm-length. Rail mounted and flip up nylon fibre polymer front and rear sights. Includes metal bolt catch, selector lever and trigger for increased durability. 

    Specifications Suggested Energy Source: 9.6V batteryMax. Overall Length: 900mmMin. Overall Length: 820mmInner Barrel Length: 375mmWeight without Magazine: 2410gMain Material Zinc Alloy: Nylon FiberMajor Colour: BlackCapacity: 140 RdsCalibre: 6mmFire Mode: Safe / Single / Full-AutoMarking: King ArmsKing Arms Bolt Catch System Loading Mode: AutomaticBlowback Action Outer Barrel Design Magazine Release Design: Single-WayHop-Up Bucking Design Adjustable AEG TypeGearbox Design: V2 7mm bearing GearboxMotor Design: Long-Axle TypeAccessories with Package: 140 Rds magazine 

    King Arms Rifle Grades Sport Series: Entry-Level with Economical price! The Sport Series is granted the title “The King of mobility” with its lightweight & fine performance. Main material: Nylon Fibre. 

    Ultra Grade: An Upgraded version of the sports Series! Attractive pricing with the perfect balance of weight and durability! It’s perfect for newer players. Main Material: Zinc: Nylon Fibre. 

    Ultra Grade II: Upgraded version of the Ultra-Grade! Same attractive pricing with the perfect balance of gearbox & Mosfet assembly as the new features they bring better control over the weapon to all platers. 

    Advanced: The Advance range is built to outperform the pricing & quality! Enjoy the highest capacity of price values with high-performance gearbox & full metal construction. Main Material: Zinc Alloy / Nylon Fibre. 

    Elite: A Semi–Professional airsoft build with the latest airsoft technology and full features, outstanding performance and exceptional quality! Unstoppable momentum once you get your hand on the grip! Main Material: CNC 6065 Aluminium alloy / Steel / Nylon Fibre.

    MAX Battery 9.6v (15c Cont, 30c Burst MAX) - Please note that use of higher batteries will void the warranty on this unit

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