King Arms M4 TWS M-LOK CQB Ultra Grade II

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    King Arms M4 TWS M-LOK CQB Ultra Grade II - Black

    King Arms M4 TWS M-LOK CQB Ultra Grade II - Black 1.M-LOK tactical handguard? - M-LOK is the most trendy rail system in the real firearms. KING ARMS got MAGPUL official approval to use their design. the M-LOK specification done according to MAGPUL provided document. - One piece CNC machined metal M-LOK handguard provides a solid rail platform. M-LOK-standard accessories can be bolt-on quickly and concretely. - Four-sided mounting platform conveniences shooters to bolt-on vary accessories. - Come with 3 pieces of Picatinny rail sections. 2.Tactical stock? - M4 enhanced carbine Modstock is the same size as a real stock and it has a special compartment for storing accessories or 2x cr123a battery. - Two quick detachable sling swivel mounting points provide convenience platform to suit shooter's rifle carrying habits. - Six adjustable positions to suit shooter's arm-length. - Wide cheek weld helps shooter aims more quickly and the cheek rest more comfortable. 3.Suppressor? - Stylish extended fire cap design make the rifle looks cool and outstanding. - 14mm anti-clockwise thread for easy to replace with other accessories, such as silencer or tracer. 4.Non-slip grip? - Rough surface design can prevent slip of griping. You can grasp full control of your rifle confidently. 5.Sights? - Nylon fibre polymer front sight and rear sight are rigid but light in weight. Both of them are rail mounting and able to flip-up. They have adjustable aiming pins and range finder hole to fit corresponding difference field-shooting environment. 6.Magazine? - TWS mid-cap magazine stores up to 140rounds 6mm bullets. - Non-slip texture polymer casing ensures the operator access the magazine confidently. 7.Rifle body? - Durable nylon fibre Training Weapon System (TWS) integrated receiver. It keeps the structure of the rifle rigid but lighter in weight. - Tight fit upper and lower frame. - Vary markings, such as KING ARMS logo on the rifle body. - Metal bolt catch, selector lever, trigger make the gun more durable. 8.Outer & Inner Barrel? - Metal outer barrel and delta ring mount to avoid wobbling. - Well-polished precise 6.05mm brass inner barrel lets every shot more accurate. 9.Gearbox? - Highly calibrated 7mm bearing gearbox with metal spring guide. - Quick change spring system can let the operator alter the power spring easier. - The power circle comes with a reliable MOSFET gives accuracy triggering. - Adjustable metal hop-up unit. 

    King Arms Rifle Grades: Sport Series: Entry-Level with Economical price! The Sport Series is granted the title “The King of mobility” with its lightweight & fine performance Main material: Nylon Fibre 

    Ultra Grade: An Upgraded version of the sports Series! Attractive pricing with the perfect balance of weight and durability! It’s Perfect for newer players Main Material: Zinc: Nylon Fibre. 

    Ultra Grade II : Upgraded version of the Ultra-Grade! Same attractive pricing with the perfect balance of gearbox & Mosfet assembly as the new features they bring better control over the weapon to all players 

    Advanced: The Advance range is built to outperform the pricing & quality! Enjoy the highest capacity of price values with high-performance gearbox & full metal construction. Main Material: Zinc Alloy / Nylon Fibre 

    Elite: A Semi – Professional airsoft build with the latest airsoft technology and full features, Outstanding performance and exceptional quality! Unstoppable momentum once you get your hand on the grip! Main Material: CNC 6065 Aluminium alloy / Steel / Nylon Fibre

    MAX Battery 9.6v (15c Cont, 30c Burst MAX) - Please note that use of higher batteries will void the warranty on this unit

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