KJW KP-02 Pistol GBB


    The SIG P229 is a compact version of the proven P226, and is as much respected and widely used as it's bigger brother. It is currently in use with the US military (designated the M11) and is a standard issue gun with the Swedish Police. 

    This KJ replica is a lovely-looking replica of the real-steel pistol. It comes besuited in a full-metal livery, and feels nice and cold to the touch, the grip is made from ABS plastic and provides plenty of grip. This KJ works SIG P229 is sans trademarks, the slide is smooth where the usual SIG trademarks would be, and on the grip there is a KJ Works logo in place of the SIG logo. Using the gun is a pleasure, as you are greeted with a nice metallic-clunk from the metal slide as you shoot this lovely replica. 

    Railed Frame.

    Magazine holds 24rds

    FPS - Gas and weather dependant circa 300FPS on a 0.2

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