KWA ATP-LE GBB Airsoft Pistol


    Introducing the KWA ATP-LE pistol, specifically crafted for law enforcement training purposes but now available to the airsoft market. This airsoft pistol embodies the essential elements required for effective training. Featuring a lower polymer frame paired with an aluminium alloy slide, it combines lightweight design while being budget friendly, ideal for training scenarios. This thoughtfully designed frame is compatible with a variety of holsters available on the market, ensuring a seamless quick draw experience.

    For accessories, the ATP-LE includes an accessory rail, enabling you to attach essential accessories like lights or lasers. Moreover, the pistol offers an interchangeable back strap, allowing shooters to tailor the grip to their unique preferences, enhancing comfort, control, and ergonimics during intense training exercises.

    The KWA ATP-LE Gas Blowback Pistol is the result of manufacturers engineering with law enforcement training requirements in mind. Its lightweight yet durable construction, accessory rail, and customizable grip make it a valuable tool for honing essential skills in a training environment.


    • Power – 345fps
    • Length – 20.5cm

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