KWA ATP-SE Gas Blowback Pistol


    Elevate your airsoft experience with the KWA ATP-SE, meticulously designed for concealment and practicality. This enhanced ATP-SE model offers an impressive array of features, including a semi and full auto selector adding to its versatility on the field. Its ported outer barrel not only contributes to an aggressive, eye-catching aesthetic but also accommodates a threaded barrel, ideal for players with a vision to complete their loadout with a suppressor or tracer unit.

    The cost-effective ATP-SE sports a lower polymer frame paired with an aluminium alloy slide, ensuring durability without adding excess weight making each cycle more reliable. For even more versatility, an accessory rail is added on, allowing you to attach essential accessories that may give you the edge over the competition. A three-dot iron sight is also included, enhancing your accuracy and precision. Additionally features an interchangeable back strap that can be customized to match your personal preferences.

    The ATP-SE belongs to the Adaptive Training Pistol (ATP) series, representing KWA's innovative approach to training and realism in the airsoft realm. Mirroring the look and feel of duty weapons employed by law enforcement and military units, the ATP series provides a cost-effective and valuable training tool.


    • Power – 320fps
    • Length – 20.9cm
    • Weight – 0.907kg
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