Experience the best of CQB airsoft with the QRF MOD.2, setting a new standard for compact AEGs. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the MOD.1, the MOD.2 retains all the exceptional features while introducing compatibility with TK.45 and TK.45c magazines. This versatility allows for seamless integration into your arsenal, ensuring maximum flexibility and adaptability on the field meaning you don’t even have to switch out pouches for when you want to switch up your primary.

    Equipped with a version 2 gearbox, the MOD.2 offers incredible customization and upgrade options, allowing users to install advanced electronic trigger units or MOSFETs for precise fire control with an added bit of modernity to your replica. Internally, the MOD.2 mirrors the reliability and precision of the MOD.1, while its unique external design sets it apart as a distinct iteration of the same platform. Crafted with KWA's signature attention to detail, the QRF Series AEGs boast quality and performance unlike any other you have seen.

    With its compact dimensions while still keeping the same power as a standard AEG, the MOD.2 is perfectly suited for close-quarters engagements, offering exceptional manoeuvrability in those tight spaces. Whether you're navigating tight corridors or engaging targets at range, the MOD.2 delivers it all in one, small, compact package.


    • Power – 315fps
    • Length – 57.4cm
    • Weight – 2.5kg

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