KWA RM4 Ronin T10 AEG3 - FDE


    Featuring the Kinetic Feedback System

    Anodized Flash Hider

    Original KWA Design

    PTS Flip-Up Sights

    Front & Rear Sights Included

    Ambidextrous Controls

    Designed for Any Situation


    The Electronic Recoil Airsoft rifles are back! The Ronin T10 is the next evolution of KWA’s patented AEG 3 design. Featuring the Kinetic Feedback System this AEG with Electronic Recoil will give you that satisfying kick with every shot in semi-auto and a giddy sensation when firing almost 20 rounds per second in automatic mode. KWA’s upgraded gearbox will now accept popular electronic trigger groups like the Gate Titan allowing for even more airsoft performance upgrades.

    Along with major improvements to user ergonomics such as the redesigned PDW stock and MLOK handguard as well as external upgrades like KWA’s new SOCOM-Style Muzzle Brake and MS120 mid-cap magazine, the T10 makes a return in a compelling package sure to be 10 out of 10 in anyone’s 6mm airsoft arsenal.


    T10 Specifications

    Length (Retracted):        29.25”                                     742.95 mm

    Length (Extended):         32”                                          812.80 mm

    Height:                               8”                                           203 mm

    Outer Barrel Length:       11”                                         279.40 mm

    Inner Barrel Length:        11.75”                                   298.45 mm

    Magazine Capacity:         120

    Weight:                             6.50 lbs                                 2.95 kg

    Rate of Fire:                       18+

    Velocity:                              ~ 360 FPS min ~ 400 FPS max, Kenetic Feedback System

    Power Source:                 NiMh or Li-Po/Li-Fe

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