KWA VM4 Ronin T6 - Black


    The next generation of variable FPS Ronin AEGs have arrived. KWA’s upgraded VM4 AEG 2.5 gearbox are now drop-in trigger ready allowing users to employ their favorite MOSFETs or electronic triggers to maximize weapon performance. The Ronin T6 PDW is stacked with features derived from extensive user feedback; from the redesigned MLOK handguards, improved PDW stock, ambidextrous charging handle and KWA’s brand new SOCOM-style muzzle brake, the T6 is once again ready to dominate the playing field.


    Length (Retracted):       21.75”                                   552.45 mm

    Length (Extended):        26.5”                                      673.1 mm

    Height:                         10.5”                                      266.7 mm

    Outer Barrel Length:      6.75”                                      171.45 mm

    Inner Barrel Length:      7.25”                                      184.15 mm

    Magazine Capacity:       120                                         120

    Weight:                              5.7 lbs                                   2.59 kg

    Rate of Fire:                       18.3                                        18.3

    Velocity:                             ~ 340 FPS min ~ 370 FPS max, Adjustable FPS

    Power Source:                  NiMh or Li-Po/Li-Fe

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