Novritsch Scope Set


    This scope set includes:

    • Scope 3x-9x 50mm | Illuminated Mil Dot Reticle
    • 2x Flip Up Covers
    • 2x 25mm Scope Mount Rings
    • Battery
    • Allen Key
    • Microfibre cleaning cloth

    Quick adjustment

    Both the windage and elevation dial are adjustable with gloves. No tools are needed which makes readjustments in the field easy. The locking ring below makes sure that the dials don't turn by accident.


    The 50mm objective lens gathers plenty of light which makes is very easy to distinguish camouflaged targets even at long ranges and low light conditions. The power of the scope is adjustable from 3 times to 9 times magnification. While 3x power is great to keep the overview when having your crosshairs lined up with your target, the higher magnifications are great for scouting purposes.

    Illuminated Mil Dot reticle

    The Mil Dot reticle helps to compensate for the hopup effect at different distances as well as for compensating for wind. It can be illuminated step by step in green, red and blue - to make it highly visible in all kinds of environments and at night.

    Parallax adjustment

    Eliminate parallax error with the parallax adjustment ring. By adjusting it to the distance of your target you can make sure that the line of sight will cover your BBs trajectory.

    dioptric adjustment

    The ocular lens can be adjusted to your eyes. Simply remove the flip up cover, turn the wheel until you get a sharp image and put the cover back on.


    SSG24 – Scope Extender

    The Scope Extender fits on the NOVRITSCH Scope.


    The Killflash fits onto the NOVRITSCH scope as well as on the NOVRITSCH scope extender.

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