Novritsch SSP18 Airsoft Pistol- Tan


    The Novritsch SSP18 is the pistol that combines everything you need for an exceptional replica. It's not just a sidearm; it's a powerhouse of design, accuracy, and durability, all wrapped up in a sleek package. Whether you're in the field or a CQB environment, the SSP18 offers features that make it a standout choice.

    One of its standout features is the ability to switch between Semi and Full Auto modes at an impressive rate of 17 rounds per second. This flexibility allows you to adapt to different situations and engage your opponents with precision or a barrage of fire. To enhance accuracy, the SSP18 is designed to shoot heavy BBs, with its enhanced hop-up system. The O-ring stabilized and extended 6.01mm precision barrel (115mm) ensures supreme accuracy over any other stock pistol on the market.

    Durability is a key feature, with robust trigger internals featuring large contact surfaces for CO2 and strong gas usage making sure the sidearm doesn’t fail when you need it the most. The threaded barrel accommodates suppressors or tracer units, and the fibre optic sight facilitates fast target acquisition. With a gas-efficient lightweight cutout slide and a Picatinny rail for pistol flashlights the customization on the replica is immaculate.

     The SSP18 comes packaged in a gun case and includes a valve tool, ensuring that you have everything you need to run this replica effective and efficiently. With an extensive video library providing courses and guides, Novritsch has created an entire ecosystem around the SSP18 to support you in mastering your skills

    • Specifications
    • Power – 320fps
    • Length – 21cm
    • Weight – 0.45kg

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