Novritsch SSR4 Airsoft Rifle- Metal Body Version.


    Introducing the Novritsch SSR4 Metal Version - your ultimate companion in the world of airsoft.

    The SSR4 is your versatile tool from beginner to advanced stages of airsoft gaming. It excels in both woodland and CQB scenarios, boasting durable, high-performance internals and modular externals that adapt to any situation.

    Some of its key features include a programmable trigger unit which allow for burst fire and pre-cocking, pinpoint accuracy due to the pre-upgraded 6.03 inner barrel as well as hop up unit and a quick-change spring system. Not only these but the replica also exercises incredible durability along with including a 25-year parts warranty, so you never have to worry about finding spare parts.


    • Length: 74cm
    • Lightning-Fast Rate of Fire: Achieve approximately 22 rounds per second with high-speed CNC gears (16:1) and an 11.1V battery (recommended for play over 1 Joule).
    • 25-Year Spare Part Warranty:
    • Equipped with M-LOK Handguard
    • Quick Spring Exchange System
    • QD sling mounts for easy carrying.
    • High-Quality Internal Parts
    • Rigid T-Dean Battery Connectors
    • Weight (Metal Version): 2.4 kg
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