Nuprol Raven EU17 GBB Pistol -Camo Frame & Slide


    Gas Blowback pistol from Nuprol Raven. 

    Styled in Multicam effect this G17 style of Airsoft Sidearm is a  great addition to your kit. 

    Brand    Raven

    EAN    744368378172

    Length(mm)    210

    Weight (g)    1200

    Fire Modes    Semi Auto

    Barrel Length (mm)    90

    Barrel Bore (mm)    6.03

    Rails    20 mm Under Barrel

    Approx. FPS    300

    Main Materials    HIPS Material & Aluminium

    Included    (x1) RAVEN EU17 Replica

    (x1) RAVEN EU Series 23R STD GAS Magazine

    (x1) Manual

    (x1) Parts Diagram

    (x1) Spare GAS Nozzle

    (x1) Spare O-Ring Set

    (x2) Grip Back Straps

    (X1) RAVEN PVC Patch

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