Prometheus Purple hop rubber

    Prometheus (Laylax)

    LAYLAX - Prometheus AEG Soft Type hop - Purple is a hop-up rubber designed for Marui Style Weapons fabled by many as the "Prommy Purple" has become the go to bucking for many experianced players and techs. It will fit almost all Airsoft AEG on the market. The rubber is made from Silicon and features an approx 50 Degree Nub, applying a moderate amount of hop to BBs. Hop Rubber are standard across almost all Airsoft AEG, meaning this should fit almost any weapon with an AEG Barrel. The rubber is great for cold weather, where standard rubbers will become hard when cold, the material will retain is elastic qualities. This is perfect for any Airsoft Skirmisher who needs a hop-rubber for the AEG, or wants to keep Prometheus Brand Consistency. This is a must have purchase for any Airsoft Tech, or for those who are worried they may Tear their hop-rubber the day before a skirmish and like to have a last minute replacement on hand.

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